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Not all things are retrieved from Lost and Found boxes. Months had gone by and it was never claimed. What I held in my hand was my first digital camera. It may not have been the most conventional means of getting one, but I put it to good use. It had a one-inch LCD screen on it, the body was huge in comparison to point & shoots we have now and the response time was slow enough that you never needed to use the timer setting (bonus!). At the time, I had no idea what paths that camera would take me on. One way or another, it had me craving knowledge and adventure. Over the years since that day in 2008, I've upgraded that camera (a few times), took classes in college, participated in online study groups, gone to workshops, and challenged myself. Now, I’m traveling down new paths that will lead to more learning and great experiences. I hope to never stop learning & creating.

We are lucky to have so many photographers among us. It means we can explore the world through just as many viewpoints and see people and places in a new light and mood. My name is Glady Anne and I love to shoot vivid nature, exciting cities, soft scenes, and alluring expressions. It took years to find balance between seeing life with my eyes and seeing life through my viewfinder. As with everything in life, I believe finding that balance is important. I want to live life in the present and capture it for the future. I’m on a journey and journeys are meant to be shared with others. By telling stories and sharing photos, I’m going to do just that.

I base my adventures in sunny Southern Utah and primarily shoot solo portraits, product, and stock photography. My Stock photo business can be found here:

I cuss, practice yoga, drink a lot of tea & coffee, love breakfast, but hate getting out of bed.
I'm currently a recovering nail-biter, I embrace my awkwardness, loud personality, and colorful language.

Out of all the social media platforms out there, I'm most active on Instagram & Snapchat!

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Taxes not included; However all services do include an optional coffee date for you to get to know me better before deciding if you want to hire me!

Product Photography

Clean & simple photos of your product start at just $75 for 1-3 items. Depending on the product, I aim to get a couple of varied images. Example would be a pulled back shot with some white space, a close up fill the frame shot, and an angled close up shot to see detail in the product. These variations depend on the type of product and what photography needs you have. Inquire about product photography through this form!


Updating your headshot should not be ignored and put off for years, because years turns into 10 and pretty sure you're that person handing out a business card with a photo you keep having to explain because it looks nothing like you.
Headshots should be fun, fresh, simple, and clean. They should be something you're proud to put all over your cards, social media, and website. They should be something you talk about when handing out your biz card because you want to not because you have to
Invest in your headshot for $175 and get a 30min-1hr session with 3-10 finished images to download and use everywhere.

Women's Glamour, Men's Fashion, & Personal Branding

These portrait sessions are $350, they run from 1 to 2 hours and include several looks and at least 20 finished photos. Invest in yourself with a glamour or fashion session and let's create art!
Perfect for pampering yourself or gift giving!
Alternately, let's focus on your business & brand! Create photos tailored to your personality and the work that you do. Personal Branding sessions are more than headshots and business photos. They're about your brand. How you want to represent yourself and your work. Photos that help your ideal client get to know, like, and trust you!

Styled Session price & info coming soon!



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Studio Walkthrough + How to Prep for your Session + Makeup Artists I Love + Models I Love Working With + Favorite Makeup Looks + Working with Badassery Magazine + Favorite Local Shops to Help Style your Shoot + Styled Sessions I'd Love to shoot



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