Taxes not included; However all services do include an optional coffee date for you to get to know me better before deciding if you want to hire me!

Product Photography

Clean & simple photos of your product start at just $75 for 1-3 items. Depending on the product, I aim to get a couple of varied images. Example would be a pulled back shot with some white space, a close up fill the frame shot, and an angled close up shot to see detail in the product. These variations depend on the type of product and what photography needs you have. Inquire about product photography through this form!


Updating your headshot should not be ignored and put off for years, because years turns into 10 and pretty sure you're that person handing out a business card with a photo you keep having to explain because it looks nothing like you.
Headshots should be fun, fresh, simple, and clean. They should be something you're proud to put all over your cards, social media, and website. They should be something you talk about when handing out your biz card because you want to not because you have to
Invest in your headshot for $175 and get a 30min-1hr session with 3-10 finished images to download and use everywhere.

Women's Glamour, Men's Fashion, & Personal Branding

These portrait sessions are $350, they run from 1 to 2 hours and include several looks and at least 20 finished photos. Invest in yourself with a glamour or fashion session and let's create art!
Perfect for pampering yourself or gift giving!
Alternately, let's focus on your business & brand! Create photos tailored to your personality and the work that you do. Personal Branding sessions are more than headshots and business photos. They're about your brand. How you want to represent yourself and your work. Photos that help your ideal client get to know, like, and trust you!

Styled Session price & info coming soon!